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Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Workbook

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Cookie class is in session!

Have you seen all the fancy decorated sugar cookies showing up in your social media feed and thought about trying decorated cookies as a new hobby? Excited, you start searching for "how to" cookie decorating videos, only to find vague explanations for what you really need to get started. You are left feeling frustrated and unsure of where to start or get all the information you need! 

Well, start here, with me! In this beginner Valentine's Day cookie workbook we will be creating beautiful decorated sugar cookies with royal icing. I will teach you how to make several simple designs that you can impress your family and friends with! Imagine being able to gift gorgeous homemade sugar cookies or have these cookies be your contribution to the dessert table. It's all possible with my simple to follow workbook and cookie decorating videos!

After following my workbook you will be able to:

  • Consistently bake delicious sugar cookies using two different recipes 

  • Whip up a batch of royal icing and work with it specifically for cookie decorating

  • Trouble shoot any problems you may run into with your icing

  • Create several modern and fresh cookie designs- from mini hearts to chocolate covered strawberry cookie pops

  • Package all your cookie projects specifically for gifting

What's included:

  • A 49 page PDF workbook
  • All the recipes you need for dough and icing 
  • 2 pages of common royal icing issues and how to fix them
  • Written steps for each cookie design
  • 15 videos to show you everything from exactly how to mix up the perfect royal icing for that smooth layer on your cookies, to how to use a piping bag, and how to decorate each design
  • 8 pages of printables for you to use to package your cookies!

I can not wait to get started with this fun cookie class, you can even get the kids involved! Preheat that oven, grab your supplies and lets go- it's decorating time!