Valentine's Day Silly Straw Printables- Non candy Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids

Valentine's Day Silly Straw Printables- Non candy Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids

I have really fond memories of being in elementary school exchanging valentines with my classmates. We would decorate boxes and create these adorable valentine mailboxes for our classmates to leave a valentine in our box. At the end of they day, you would have a mailbox overflowing with valentines!

These days, valentines have gotten really fancy! Moms are so creative, and are coming up with so many fun ways of creating special Valentines for their kiddos classmates. With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, you might be looking for an idea for valentines for the class that are fun, easy to create, and are not candy. 

Look no further, because I have an adorable, budget friendly idea for valentines for the whole class that the kids can lend a hand with.

valentines day printables

These silly straw valentines are fun and a great candy-free option. Plus, they come together so easily. 


  • Silly straws (mine are from the Dollar Tree but I've seen some other cute options from Hobby Lobby and Amazon 
  • My free "silly friend" printable - click here for yours
  • Various ribbons (optional)

To assemble:

Print and cut all the printables- you will need one for each straw. Punch a hole at the top and bottom of each printable so you can send the straw through it.

free kids valentine printable

I threaded them on the straw by sending the straw through the top hole and then going into the bottom hole from behind the printable.

valentines day silly straw printable

Next you can add any ribbon you would like, or you can leave them as is. But, ya know I can't skip the ribbon!! Dollar Tree had a great selection of ribbon this year, so I picked some up and used it on these little valentines.

I hope this inspired you to create these easy treats for your little ones class, or even as a party favor.

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day!! 


xoxo Cait


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