Hosting an event? Do this first! If your in charge of hosting an event and your not sure where to start, read on for the first few steps to take when hosting a party or event.


Hi, hi hi! I’m excited, can you tell?! Before I even jump into our topic for today I am doing a little happy dance (in my seat) because this is my FIRST blog post you guys! I’m not sure how many this will reach initially - but just this accomplishment alone is so exciting to me and personally, something I have been trying to achieve for a while.

Okay, okay, now onto our topic of discussion for todays post- picking a theme and color scheme! Are you in charge of throwing your sisters bridal shower, or maybe that bachelorette party for your best friend? Fear not! I’ve got you. And you’ve got this! Read on-

Step 1- Pick A Theme

The first thing you want to do (even before sending invites) is to choose your theme and color scheme. Don’t be put off- its not as daunting as it sounds! A quick Pinterest search will serve you well, and guys, there are so many cute themes out there, it won’t take long till you find one you love! Also, let the guest of honor serve as the inspiration. For example, maybe your sister or friend is a huge fan of a specific hobby, TV show, or specific type of food (ie: Mexican or Italian) that you can turn into the theme for her shower. In this post I am going to use my sisters shower as the running example. I decided on a “Traveling from Miss to Mrs.” theme because she was having a destination wedding.

Step 2- Pick A Color Scheme

Okay, you’ve got the theme, now how about some colors to go with it! Just because your are going with a specific theme, doesn’t mean you need to pick obvious colors. For example, maybe your going with a tropical flamingo theme for that bachelorette party, but the bride isn’t really into pink. Thats okay! Pick colors that will still work, like maybe coral and some green shades to tone that coral down. Back to my example, I knew I was going to use suitcases and globes for my sisters shower, but I went with the color pallet shown below to help guide me on all the decor. These were actually the colors she planned on using for the wedding. I used these colors to guide my purchases and to use when designing any stationery I was using for the event.

Fresh, fun, meaningful color scheme for a bridal shower

Fresh, fun, meaningful color scheme for a bridal shower

Step 3- Invitations!

Okay, so I will try not to be biased here. You probably know, I started Humble Honeybee Design in 2018 as primarily a stationery company- so I’ve got you COVERED on this topic! Run your theme and color scheme through to the invitations. When a guest receives an invite to the event, they should be able to name the theme or vibe your going for! PRO TIP: try colored envelopes for a fun pop of color that match your color scheme. Below you can see the crest I created to use on stationery for the shower.

This crest utilizes both the theme and color scheme I was carrying through the event.

The shower invitations I made for my sister’s shower- notice the crest carrying through the color and theme.

Step 4- Decor

Okay, so you’ve got a good start here! Now the fun part- picking out all that fun stuff your going to sprinkle around the event to style it and give it a personality- these are the extra DETAILS that make your event special. Notice details is in uber caps and bold and sparkly? Oh you can’t see the sparkle- I swear it was shinning on my end ;) Any who- details will be what takes your event up a notch- more on that in a post to come. For now, pick out items like balloons, linens, florals, and other decor based off that pretty color scheme you got goin’ and that theme. Below you will see how I used both color and theme to create the dessert table for the shower.

Your theme and color scheme will help guide decor choices.

Well, thats about it! Pretty basic, but picking that theme and color scheme will help you move forward with planning your event and creating a cohesive design throughout- making it look like a pro was brought in to style your event. See, after reading this, you will be a pro- as these are design principals you can use for any and every event! Have fun!

xoxo Cait

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