Hey hey friends! Hope your moving along smoothly through your week. The weather here in New Jersey has definitely been gorgeous- I’m a total summer girl though, so I welcome the warmth with open arms! This time of the year is also the perfect time to host all those parties- from bridal showers to graduations, this is usually a super busy time of year for celebrations.

Backyard events have definitely grown in popularity for many reasons, especially because of COVID, but also too, sometimes you just need more control of an event, or you need to host many people and the price is actually cheaper. Annnddd so many more I'm sure.

Today, lets chat about some really fun themes and ideas for backyard bridal showers! I’ve hosted plenty of parties at my parents house (their yard is big and beautiful) and each have been gorgeous. Do not think for a second that you can’t have a beautiful event in your backyard- because you can!! Our 3 themes for today are perfect for summer, but you can easily throw them any time of year really.

citrus bridal shower- main squeeze

I just LOVE this one- this theme is so fresh and literally the definition of summer showers. The oranges and yellows are so fun, and you can pair other colors to complement them (like pink). I like to run with the whole “main squeeze” saying! UPDATE: I used this theme to host a bridesmaid proposal dinner party. It was adorable and such a fun theme to work with. See some picture of that event below:

citrus theme backyard bridal shower

she found her main squeeze bridal shower

citrus bridal shower ideas- tablescape

A quick Pinterest search, and you will have inspiration for days! You can use a ton of greenery ( I think Italian ruscus would literally be perfect) with oranges and grapefruits cut in half creating a table runner. You could also create a ton of different desserts with hints of lemon and other citrus flavors that would really tie in the theme. Shop our citrus invite bundle here!

Palm Springs (tropical) bridal shower

This is another perfect theme for the backyard summer bridal shower! Bright pinks and corals with added monstera leaves are on the design board for this one.

Desserts for this event included tropical fruit salad, fruit salsa, and pina colada macaroons. Plenty of silk tropical leaves were used throughout, and the cutest paper products were used when dessert time came. Need some assistance setting up your dessert table? Read my series of posts- part I, II and III on how to style a dessert table.

The cutest tropical party supplies!

The cutest tropical party supplies!

Make it easy on yourself- use disposable plates, cups, and cutlery for outdoor parties! You won’t have to worry about doing a million dishes, you won’t have to worry about glass breaking, AND who would be upset using those pretty plates? (HINT- probably no one!)

Go all out with a balloon garland (ALL of the balloons you see in the picture were $12 from Amazon- seriously). I tucked in some fake tropical leaves and tied it to my backdrop stand. I tied a grass table skirt around the folding table with the help of itty bitty common hooks that I placed all around the tables edge so I had something to hold it up- tying it in the back would have never held it all the way around the table. I also got those cute little flamingo drink floats from Amazon- I placed them on the dessert table and in the pool :)

“traveling from miss to mrs.” bridal shower

If you have been following along with all my posts in the past, you’ll know I hosted a bridal shower by this theme for my sister in the fall of 2019! It was adorable, and could easily be done outside! In fact, we had it in a garden room which was essentially a covered patio, and it was awesome. The great thing about this theme is that you can use literally any colors you would like! I used my sisters wedding colors.

There were the prettiest pink and gold globes on the table, a nice big balloon garland (duh!) and florals that ranged from coral roses to fresh eucalyptus. There was also no shortage of suitcases and yummy desserts. Click here to read my post about where I shop for all my party decor! And if you want to get your hands on some goodies to use for a travel theme shower of your own, check out my invite and party bundles!

I hope this post gave you all some inspiration and ideas for any showers you may be hosting this summer in your backyard! I’m really digging where backyard events are headed- I think they are so fun and simple, and really let you focus on what is most important- the guest of honor celebrating with their family and closest friends. Be sure to let me know which theme is your favorite in the comments. If you have a favorite theme not mentioned here I’d also love to know!

PS. If you are looking for even more ideas and ways to save time while party planning, you should check out our design guides by clicking here!

xoxo Cait

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