Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well! We are going to cover my FAVORITE places to shop for party supplies and decor when I’m planning an event! If you don’t personally know me, you will soon find out shopping for pretty things is my absolute favorite thing to do! It’s even more fun when its for an event with a special guest of honor, or maybe even for a client. Either way, I hope you find this post helpful and use it next time you have to shop! I have organized this post by specific items with where to find them in bold.

BRACE yourselves- this is a long one!

Before we begin I feel the need to insert my disclaimer here- I am in NO way affiliated with or sponsored by any of the companies I mention below. I am mentioning them because I truly use them while shopping and enjoy what they have to offer!

Keep in mind, these are by no means the ONLY places that retail the specific items I mention. I have picked retailers that are easily accessible by most of us, and do not require a wholesale account.

where i shop for silk florals:

I personally think Hobby Lobby has the largest selection of silk florals, and the highest quality. I will use silks sometimes instead of real florals, depending on the event. I use them for centerpieces (like pictured below) or for accents around the event where I would normally put flowers.

rustic silk floral arrangement for an engagement party

rustic silk floral arrangement for an engagement party

where i shop for fresh florals:

Again, depending on the event, I will use real flowers. For a more upscale event, I recommend going with fresh. I have purchased fresh florals from Shop Rite, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! See an arrangement I put together for my sister’s travel theme bridal shower below. Of course, you should have some basic knowledge of working with flowers. I was lucky enough to learn from the best- I worked at Bloomers n’ Things for 5 years and learned how to arrange florals. I would recommend using a local florist for high quality and professional florals if you aren’t up for arranging on your own. In that case, they will also source the flowers for you. I have also used a local farm to purchase florals in high quantities.

mix of florals from Shop Rite and a local farm, arranged in a suitcase

floral arrangement for a travel theme bridal shower

small bouquet purchased from Shop Rite

fresh flowers for bachelorette party

where i shop for mimosa bar and bar cart items:

Decorating a bar cart is fun and easy for almost any event! Think showers, bachelorette parties, and birthday parties (for adults obviously!). Below you will see a bar cart I styled for a bachelorette party. I purchased the plastic ice bucket and plastic carafe at Party City. I purchased the champagne glasses from- oh my gosh I can’t wait to spill this secret-you guys are gonna flip- the DOLLAR STORE! Yes I typed that correctly! Check your local Dollar Tree for glassware. I got those flutes for $1 each and they are GLASS- not plastic. You can order large quantities directly from their website. And no one will ever know they came from the dollar store! I have also purchased plastic stadium cups from Amazon and personalized them with party guests names. Add in some cute napkins (the ones pictured below are also from Party City) and paper straws and your good to go! I also have included mimosa bar kits in all my bachelorette party bundles- see them here!

easy DIY bar cart for a bubbly bar

easy DIY bar cart for a bubbly bar!

where i shop for balloon garland supplies:

I can sum this one up in one word- Amazon. By the way, your going to see this word pop up a lot! I once spent over $100 on a balloon garland kit- only to- months later- see a very similar one on Amazon for 1/4 of the price! Now, you do have to be careful of the quality of the balloons, but for a quick garland that only needs to last a few hours, most garland kits should work okay. Click here to view my list on Amazon where I include all my favorite balloon garland items. I have personally used several items on that list and have had great success with them. I have also sourced beautiful matte balloons from Etsy- see last picture below. These are very on trend right now.

would you believe this garland only cost $20 to make

iridescent balloon garland for bachelorette party
matte balloon garland for bridal shower

this garland was made a few days before and transported to the venue in 2 pieces!

where i shop for tablecloths and table runners:

I love using linens that compliment the theme of the event. Sometimes you will get lucky and your venue will include them, and you can pick the colors to match your decor! Score! Other times, you will be responsible for sourcing your own, and its no surprise that I will use Amazon for fabric tablecloths. I recommend the tablecloths that go all the way to the floor- no one wants to see the legs of a folding table- not cute or professional looking you guys! I have also used Amazon and Hobby Lobby for table runners. I recommend buying full length tablecloths in neutral colors so you can use them for multiple events over and over again. Bring in the theme and color by way of the table runner. Below is an example, and what I call my table runner montage! If you are hosting a more casual event- maybe a BBQ- and are not looking for fabric linens, I use these thicker tablecloths from Party City- they are nicer than plastic, and clean up really easy!

table runners for parties

see how each runner brings in the theme of the party.

linens for parties

this table cloth goes to the floor- and also needs a good steam lol!

where i shop for novelty items:

Sometimes you just need a pineapple cup, or gem container. Where the heck do you find these cute items that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Oriental Trading! Im not sure why, but I was late to the game on this one! They have some really adorable party goods for a great price! If you are on the hunt for something unique for your event, I recommend you just search their website for items that would go with your theme and see what comes up. You may be surprised!

novelty items for parties

pineapple cups and straws from Oriental Trading

diamond containers from Oriental Trading filled with white candy

diamond containers from Oriental Trading filled with white candy

where i shop for favors:

This one could be a whole blog post, and maybe one day it will be! But for now, I’ll keep it simple. Again, keep your theme in mind. For a nursing graduation party (pictured below) we did little first-aid kits from- wait for it- the dollar store! (Dollar Tree strikes again!) It was cute AND practical. Keep that in mind for choosing your favors- keep it to something people will either eat, or use! No one needs another item that will only collect dust. I have also used the dollar store to stuff cute little bachelorette party survival kits, and Amazon for simple little party gifts! You could also reach out to your local baker and get cookie favors made to fit your theme! Everyone loves cookies! Explore and be creative.

favors for a nursing graduation party

wrapped in celo with an adorable poem attached!

what to fill bachelorette gift bags with

the “Bride” zip pouch was from Amazon, the little goodies were from Dollar Tree

birthday cookie favors

birthday cookie favors

where i shop for containers for candy bars and cheap display pieces:

Setting up a candy bar for your event? I love candy bars, they are so easy and guests can help themselves to treats on the way out! I purchase most of my plastic pieces from Party City. I keep the colors of my event in mind and purchase based off that. I have also pieced together simple display pieces with items from the dollar store. I’ll show some examples below. Gluing together a candlestick or vase with a dish can work perfectly and only costs a few bucks- allowing you to make a high impact for very little dollars. Oh yeah!

containers for a baseball theme candy bar

several different containers for a candy bar for this baseball theme party

display stands made from dollar store items along with decor from dollar store and Hobby Lobby

display stands made from dollar store items along with decor from dollar store and Hobby Lobby

dessert stand made from candlestick and plates from the dollar store

dessert stand made from candlestick and plates from the dollar store

where i shop for party stationery:

Ha! I threw this one in for fun :) Its me! Let me know if you are looking for custom stationery for your next event. We also have templates available for purchase to help with your next party. Check ‘em out here.

our fiesta theme bridal shower invite bundle

our fiesta theme bridal shower invite bundle

Well guys, you made it! LOL! I hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment and let me know where your favorite place to shop for party decor and supplies are!

xoxo Cait

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