Well, hello hello, hope you are all having a wonderful week. Today we are jumping into the last part of our 3 part series on setting up a dessert table. If you missed part I click here, and if you missed part II click here to read those posts- they are super helpful! And if you need a lil more help curating and designing your dessert tables- check out my guides here!

Todays post will be short and sweet, but still full of fun stuff! I’ll gush about adding in backdrops and balloon garlands to your dessert table set ups to really make them POP! BAM! I hope you feel my same excitement!


I think adding a backdrop contributes to creating a beautiful, eye catching dessert table. It really draws your attention to the table with almost a framing effect. It’s also great if you have a little bit of an eye sore that may need to be hidden.

There are a few ways you could go about setting this up. I recommend using a stand like this one. It’s not likely that you will have a place to actually hang a backdrop, and most venues do not allow you to attach anything to the walls. This stand is free standing, which is great because you can literally use it ANYWHERE! It’s super easy to set up, and I’ve used sand bags before to add weight to it. It comes with clips, so you can use them to clip up a backdrop, or use the rod to hang the backdrop (think like curtain panels).

Which brings me to my next topic- what you can actually use for backdrops! Get creative! If you can hang it, you can probably use it! I’ve used a few different things- curtains, lightweight foil curtains, and photography backdrops. Just be sure its not too heavy. We don’t want anything falling over- trust me!

Lightweight, iridescent streamer curtains

Lightweight, iridescent streamer curtains hang perfectly from the backdrop stand

Be sure if you are using fabric of some sort (curtains or a photography backdrop) you give it a good iron/steam first. Wrinkles are not cute! I like to hang curtains on a hanger if I am transporting them to keep them neat.

party backdrop for a dessert table

I used a photography backdrop for this photoshoot of this bar cart.

Balloon Garlands

Balloon garlands have become INSANELY popular lately, and its for a pretty good reason- they are just so gorgeous! See, I told you, good reason! They also usually don’t cost too much to DIY, so you can make a really big impact without feeling that impact on your budget! I put together an Amazon list that you can take a lookie at here with some of my favorite supplies I use to whip up my balloon garlands. A MUST is a balloon pump that plugs in so you can inflate your balloons quickly! There are a ton of awesome tutorials on YouTube if you need a visual on how to put them together.

balloon garland with matte custom balloons

Gorgeous balloon garland with matte balloons

When I was planning my sisters bridal shower, I KNEW I wanted to include a huge, beautiful balloon garland. I had been seeing them all over Pinterest and was just obsessed with them. The only problem was that I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to put it together that morning- balloon garlands can take hours to put together. So what I did, and my tip for you, is to create the garland in pieces, and transport in pieces to the venue. Then all you have to do the day of the event is tie the pieces together and boom- garland done! I created the garland in the picture above in two pieces, and attached them when I got to the venue. I wrapped a sheet around them to keep hair and dust off them.

As far as hanging/attaching them goes- I tied these to that free standing backdrop stand with fishing line. It worked great! You could also use Command hooks if you are putting your table up against a wall. Those little hooks are so darn nifty- and you can easily tie fishing line around your garland and hook it on those hooks. I have also seen some party stylists use safety pins to pin to backdrop curtains, and then tie the fishing line to the safety pins. That will only work though if you are using sturdy fabric curtains as your backdrop.

foil curtain used for backdrop for bachelorette party

Easy iridescent balloon garland for a bachelorette party!

Well, thats all for today! I hope these tips were helpful! Have fun creating a gorgeous dessert table, and be sure to share your work with us!!! Tag me on instagram @humblehoneybeedesign so I can see your beautiful work! Get creative, and most importantly, have a blast while doing it!



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