DIY dessert tables and how to style them


Hello again! As promised, today we will continue our dessert table talk. We are on to part II- which is how to style your dessert table. Last week we spoke about what to buy and prepare for it (click here to read that post), and today we will talk about what to do with all that good stuff! If you need help curating your dessert tables you can check out my dessert tables guides here. It can sometimes be overwhelming to be tasked with setting up a dessert table. I mean, it sounds easy enough, but there are a few tips/tricks that will take your table from “oh it looks so cute” to “OH MY GOD THATS AMAZING!”.

Here we go….

Figure out your layout and focal point

It helps me to do a quick sketch of what I want my dessert table layout to look like. Now, I know you might be like “I’m not an artist Cait, I can’t draw!” and thats FINE! It’s just to guide you! Decide what you would like as the focal point. I think a cake always makes a great focal point. A cake stand will elevate it and make it stand out even more! Sometimes, I will put the cake on a separate table, so in that case I will use something else as a focal point. See the picture below to see how I utilized the globe and the “LOVE” sign as my center point.

diy dessert table

Then build your table

With your sketch as a guide, start building your table. I like to start from the center and work my way out. If you are starting with the cake, put that stand in the middle first. Then, stage all the other dessert trays around the cake stand. In our last post we spoke about height and symmetry being important. You want to make sure you have levels and height to add visual interest. I also like to mimic what I do on one side, on the other. That keeps the table balanced. It would look funny if you had a really tall object on one side, and didn’t on the other. I like to use wooden crates (see picture below) to add height. Putting one on either side of the cake stand will keep things symmetrical. If you need just a tiny bit more height in a certain area- I like to put platters on cake stands.

Make sure you label those delish treats

I also like to make sure that I use tent cards, or place card holders to label desserts! It’s important to make sure you let guests know what a dessert is incase they do not like a specific ingredient, or just incase they are allergic to an ingredient!

placecards and tent cards for diy dessert table

Next, on to those extra details

I think this is what really elevates dessert tables! Last week, we spoke about shopping for extras like frames and flowers. I highly recommend adding in cute props that match your theme and color scheme. In the last couple of pictures you can see flowers, pictures, and globes. All of these items add layers and visual interest. I recommend adding them in last, around the platters and stand.

diy bridal shower dessert table

Save time- set up the night before

It is ALWAYS crazy the day of events- there is so much to do before your guests arrive. I like to be able to do as much beforehand as possible to minimize stress and save time the day of for anything else I may need to take care of. One of my best tips for setting up your dessert table would be to see if you are able to get access to your venue the night before your event. That way you can set up without feeling rushed! It gives you time to lay everything out and see it all set up. Of course you are not putting your desserts out until the day of the event when your ready, but you can set up your backdrop, linens, all your display pieces, and all those extra details. If it’s not possible to set it up the night before, thats okay! You can stage everything on your dinning room table at home. Once you get everything where you like it- snap a picture! You can use it the day of the event for a much quicker set up. Another help tip is to check with the venue and see when the earliest you are allowed in will be. Some venues will not allow you in until an hour before, some are more flexible and will allow you in hours before, it really just depends.

I hope this was super helpful! If you are ready to get to part III- click here to read it! Have a great rest of your week my loves!!

xoxo Cait

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