All about our party design guides & ideas for a mermaid party

All about our party design guides & ideas for a mermaid party

Hey hey party people! I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning days of summer. You may have seen the newest product we have released here at Humble Honeybee Design- our party design guide! 

There is nothing like it on the market, and it's an absolute game changer when you find yourself needing to plan a party and save time and money. It's such an amazing product, it deserves an entire blog post to explain it. So if you want to learn more about it, or simply just get some inspiration for a pastel pink boho mermaid party, keep on reading!

ideas for a mermaid party

What exactly is a party design guide?

It's your new best friend! Really though, its a PDF guide that will give you all the resources you need to create a theme party- from invitations to party favors. The boho mermaid guide is 79 pages full of party goodness. I pick a theme to work with, and from there I shop for and style the entire party from invitations, to place settings, to dessert tables, to favors, and even theme specific party DIYs. Here's a quick breakdown of some highlights from our design guide:

  • I included over 50 hyperlinks for shopping ALL of the party supplies I used to put the party together- I mean literally down to the ribbon I use
  • I also included over 20 pages of party printables that are hand illustrated to match the entire party color scheme and theme. I show you how to use them to create everything from custom straws to party favors
  • There are pages of blank party checklists to help you plan your menu, help you keep track of guest lists, and give you plenty of "to-do" lists to organize leading up to the party
  • I have included 4 video tutorials and 9 written tutorials- I teach you how to set up a dessert table, how to create a balloon garland (and how to hang the balloon garland) and even how to make a gorgeous fringe backdrop
  • There are tutorials for party crafts that either party gusts can do, or that you can create party favors with 

I make sure you know WHERE to get everything I show, and HOW to set up the party just like I did. 

mermaid party invitations

Who is this design guide for? I'm not creative! 

This guide is for anyone looking to save time and money while party planning. Someone who isn't afraid to get hands on and craft simple projects to add to all the pretty party supplies you will buy for the party.

And wouldn't you know- you don't have to be an ounce of creative to use this party design guide! This guide is for anyone looking to save time and money while party planning. The party design guide has the entire party planned for you. Before releasing the guide, I had several family members and friends review it. My friend Krista said,

"I am the least creative person on the planet, but after reading through the guide and watching the tutorials, I feel like I could actually tackle some of the projects". And she wasn't the only one to tell me that! 

This design guide is NOT for someone who wants to have everything done for them. This is a product that helps you DIY a beautiful party. If you are not the hands on, DIY type, then this may not be a product for you. You can, however, still benefit from the shopping links for all the party supplies if you did not want to craft any party decor or follow the tutorials.

ideas for a mermaid party

Can I create an event other than a birthday party with your guide? Can I use it to create a baby or bridal shower?

You sure can! The beauty of the design guides is that it allows you to use it for any type of event. There is nothing specific to birthday parties, and you can easily make the theme work for various events like bridal showers or baby showers. 

mermaid party favor ideas

Can't I just scroll on Pinterest and get the same ideas?

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE AND ADORE Pinterest, but what the party design guide offers is so much more. Pinterest is great for planning, but it would take hours of scrolling and pinning to create a plan for an entire party. Not to mention, sometimes all you will find is a pretty picture, with no info on where it came from or where to get the pretty party supplies in the pretty picture! Ya get me? Think of the design guide as me doing all the scrolling and pinning for you!

Every piece of the design guide is also created to work together for a visually pleasing party esthetic. The printables match the plates that match the balloons that match the goody bags.

mermaid party balloon and party decor

I'm a party planner, can I use this to serve my clients? 

You sure can! I'd actually be flattered if a party professional wanted to use my theme and party ideas for their clients. As a party planner, it could be a valuable tool for inspiration and also assist you when it's time to come up with a theme or esthetic for a party.


Well, I hope this helped explain this little golden nugget party planning tool! I'd love for you to check it out below and I welcome any feedback you may have for me!

Check out the first party design guide by clicking here

xoxo Cait

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