I have 5 ideas on DIY favors/gifts for bachelorette party guests. I’ve personally been in charge of this a few times, and I love it! It’s so much fun to put together a package for each guests that is personalized and full of awesome stuff! I would absolutely recommend personalizing goodies if you can- it makes it so much more special! You could either combine all the ideas below to create a little gift bag, or you could gift one of these items! It depends on your budget and time!

I also recommend keeping your theme in mind- you all know how strongly I feel about picking a theme first for your parties- and if you don’t- you will find out soon enough! Click here if you would like to read that post! Carry that theme through your favors and gifts- it helps you to pick appropriate gifts. Going on a beach destination bach party- a personalized sun hat would be adorable-but would probably not make sense if you and your girls are headed to the ski lodge. See what I mean? Okay- enough talk- lets see what we got!

1- Cups/Wine Glasses

You might be like- um, a cup, really Cait? Just stick with me here-

Bachelorette stadium cups

Personalized plastic stadium cups are SUPER cute! You can also USE them during the party- I love functional and cute favors. They also apply to all party themes and are especially perfect for pool and beach parties. Maybe your headed to a rental for the party-if each guest has a personalized cup, disposable cups are one less thing you have to bring! I purchased the pink cups above from Amazon and ya know the best part about these particular ones- they come with one white one for the bride- pssshhhh thats genius! The glass ones below came from Dollar Tree - my fav place for cheap glassware! I personalized them both with permanent vinyl that I cut with my Cricut! I’ll do an entire post on my Cricut, but its the most amazing little thing! If you don’t have one, there are plenty of sellers on Etsy that will custom cut name decals for you to directly apply to the cups. And you guys, these will NOT break the bank! Love love this little idea- get creative with colors of cups and colors of vinyl!Want to purchase our travel theme party bundle so you can style your event just like this one! Click here :)

personalized bachelorette wine glass

2- Hair Ties

Another super easy one! These easy DIY hair ties take 2 seconds to make, and again, you can make them to match your theme!

You’ll need something called “fold over elastic”. If you search it on Etsy, you will get a TON of results. I use a 9” piece and literally just tie a knot at the end. I also like to melt the raw edges with a lighter to make sure they don’t fray. Theres a bunch of YouTube tutorials on how to make these, so give it a search if you want to try them out.

Where I love to get creative, is with the little piece of card stock I slip them over. You can see the one below was made for a NYC bach party- I designed them on my computer, printed them on white stock, and cut it down to 2” x 4”. I slid the hair ties on bam- done!

elastic hair ties for bachelorette parties

For the ones below, I used this awesome iridescent scrap book paper from Michaels. I printed all the info on a clear sticker sheet and placed that at the top of these since I couldn’t run this kind of stock through my printer.

iridescent bachelorette party hair ties

Not really into DIYing these? Thats not a problem- there are numerous sellers on Etsy that sell some really cute and creative ones! Start shopping sister!

3- Tote Bag

Another practical gift! There are so many cute totes out there that you can personalize. The ones shown below were grocery totes from Amazon. I used them just to put the gifts in- but if you were going to use them as the main gift- I’d go for a bit better quality one. I used gold iron on vinyl to personalize them with everyones name. Again, if you do not have a Cricut or another type of die cutting machine, you can purchase the decal from Etsy, and then you can iron them on! So easy and functional!

bachelorette party tote bags

4- Makeup Bag

Looking for something a little bit different? I stumbled upon these awesome iridescent makeup bags on Amazon while searching for ANYTHING iridescent for my sisters bachelorette party. That was the theme I picked for hers (I added anything hot pink and diamonds to it as well). My point is, take your theme and use it as a search word on Pinterest, Amazon, and any other site when looking for cute bach party gifts. These were SUPER affordable, fit her theme, and I could easily personalize them! Win, win, win! I added hot pink permanent vinyl names to these and thats it! I paired these with little survival kits (more on those in a minute). One way to save some money on vinyl is to purchase the 12” x 12” sheets at Michaels. I have seen them at all my local Michaels and even Hobby Lobby.

personalized makeup bag for bachelorette parties

5- Emergency Kits

I saved my favorite for last! These are a MUST for any bachelorette party weekend! I use these muslin bags to personalize with the name of the bride and location/date of party. Or, keep it simple, like I did below. I created the iron on transfers with my Cricut, but again, you could always purchase these ready to go from Etsy.

emergency kits for bachelorette parties

My favorite part is shopping for what you will fill each one with! I usually hit Dollar Tree- if you have a lot to fill it can add up in cost really quick! See my list below for some ideas of what to fill these bad boys with!

custom bachelorette emergency kits

Things to stuff your emergency kits with:

  • small packs of ibuprofen/aspirin

  • face wipes

  • face mask- single pack

  • small lotion

  • those bomb hair ties you made (see #2 above if your like what??)

  • Colgate wisps

  • mouthwash

  • wine wipes

  • hand sanitizer

  • mini sunscreen (if headed to a sunny location)

  • snacks (granola bars, cookies)

  • gum/mints

  • nail file

  • bandaids

  • chapstick

I think you get the idea- go wild, and fill ‘em up!

items to fill bachelorette emergency kits with

My last and final tip would be to wrap whatever you decide to give to your party guests! Everyone loves that special feeling of opening a gift just for them. I used those grocery totes that you saw earlier to bag up all the goodies. I also made cute little gift tags to tie to each gifts, along with a gold glitter bra and underwear tag- you can thank the Cricut again for those! It was just 2 little die cuts, but it really makes all the difference! It adds that extra special DETAIL that your girls WILL notice! Use tulle- another fav of mine to tie it all together.

new york city bachelorette party tags

For the ones below, I used pink gift bags from Oriental Trading. I pull the iridescent theme into these by including that awesome, shinny iridescent tissue paper and curling ribbon! I added diamond tags to each bag with the girls name on the back! Did you know I design and include gift tags in my bachelorette party bundles on Etsy? Also, a great place to start if you are in need of inspirations and bachelorette party decor!

diamond iridescent bachelorette party tags

Annnnndddd there you have it! I hope you try one (or all if your, like, super ambitious) for your bachelorette party guests. Remember, you do not have to spend a fortune to gift beautifully! I hope this helps! Let me know in the comments what other ideas you might have to add!

xoxo Cait

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